Audi Q3 Parking Video

Hunting for parking spaces in the city is enough to "drive you up the wall”. So to prove that Audi’s latest SUV; the all-new Audi Q3, could conquer the city, we had it perform an extreme parking stunt designed to turn heads.

We launched a video online, which appeared to be leaked security camera footage of the compact SUV squeezing into a parking spot by driving on a 45-degree angle.

After the video went viral generating millions of views in a mater of days, we revealed that Audi was behind it. It even caught the attention of Ludacris who shared the video on this personal Facebook page.

Campaign Overview"Campaign Overview Phase 1: Teaser "Unbranded"Phase 1: Teaser "unbranded" Phase 2: Reveal "branded"Phase 2: Reveal