Interac e-Transfer Campaign Press Release
Interac wanted consumers to give up outdated forms of money exchange, like cash and cheques, in favour of Interac e-Transfer. So we created a fictitious character, Dr. Trapasso, Doctor of Money Transferology, to do just this. Users were invited to enter Trapasso’s personal study at Here, the quirky professor presented his hilariously twisted version of history and the many perils of archaic money exchange.

Users could browse through three long form mockumentary videos and a collection of ridiculous relics, each proving Interac e-Transfer to be the simpler, safer and more convenient way. Video prerolls, standard and rich media banner ads, along with paid and organic social media support teased audiences with absurdity of these stories.
Microsite Screen Captures (click image to view full gallery)
Microsite Video Part 1 of 3
Microsite Video Part 2 of 3
Microsite Video Part 3 of 3
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